To add an image to your book when you're using Leanpub's in-browser text editor, please follow the steps in this tutorial. It's actually pretty easy to do, but it does take a couple of minutes to learn how to do it!

First, go to the Write page for your book here:

...making sure to replace YOUR_BOOK with your book's unique address.

If you've just created your book, you will see a menu at the top left, with three chapters:

Select the file chapter1.txt, and you will see this:

Next, click on the Resources tab:

You will now see the Resources page:

To add an image, click the + sign:

Next, find the image on your computer:

After you select the image, you will go back to the Resources page, like this:

Click the Add button:

You will now see the file listed at the top left, like this:

Use your mouse to select the file name, and then copy it (use Command + C to copy text on a Mac, or Control + C to copy text on a PC):

Now, click on Manuscript at the top left:

This will take you back to your book manuscript page:

Next, where you want the image to appear, type the following, making sure to paste in the image file name that you copied (use Command + V to paste text on a Mac, or Control + C to copy text on a PC):


Here is a screenshot of what this example looks like:

Next, click the left of the screen to bring the menu back, and click on the Preview tab at the top:

This will take you to the Preview page for your book:

Click the blue "Create Preview" button:

After the preview process completes, you will see download links for your book:

If you click the top link to open the PDF, you will find the image in your book:

You can adjust the width of an image by doing this, setting whatever percentage you like:

{width: 70%}

You can also set the height of the image:

{height: 70%}

To combine settings, do this:

{width: 70%, height: 70%}

Pro Tip: If you want to add a caption to the image, type the caption between the square brackets [] like this:

![Marmalade and Tangerine](marm-and-tangie.jpg)

For more technical information about images, please read this section of the Markua manual:

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