First of all, we'd just like to say, thank you for trying Leanpub!

Sometimes authors decide they want to suspend their author-related activity on Leanpub. To facilitate this, we offer you the option to "retire" your author account.

Retiring a Leanpub author account means all the books and courses for which you are the primary author, will be removed from our bookstore, and your profile will be hidden from view.

If you have a book or a course for which you are the primary author in a published bundle, the book or course will be removed from the bundle, that bundle will be unpublished.

Furthermore, it means you will be removed from any books or courses for which you are not the primary author, and for future sales, your share of any royalty percentage split will be re-allocated, pari-passu, to your co-authors.

After you retire your account, you will still be able to log in and view your account information, including information concerning your royalty payments.

You will also be able to log in and unretire your account, if you ever decide to come back! Also, retiring your author account means you can keep using Leanpub to buy and read books and courses, as a normal reader.

Finally, we will email every Leanpub author affected by your decision to retire your account, letting them know how they have been affected. For example, if you were the co-author (but not the primary author) of a book with another Leanpub author, and you had split the royalties for that book 50/50, then upon retiring your account, that author will be notified that you are no-longer a co-author on their book, and that they will be collecting 100% of the royalties on all future sales, etc.

If you are thinking of deleting your Leanpub account, please go here [LINK].

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