Yes, we do!

We have a Conference Purchase Program for exactly this. If you are organizing a conference, you can feel really good about using the Conference Purchase Program, for three reasons:

  1. Ebook giveaways are a lot more sustainable for the planet than print book giveaways, and a lot easier for your attendees to take home in their limited luggage space.
  2. Lugging print books to a conference, and lugging unused print books back from a conference is heavy and expensive!
  3. Leanpub authors earn the same 80% royalty rate that they do with any other Leanpub purchase, so you're supporting them as well.

Leanpub authors can opt their books into our Conference Purchase Program, simply by clicking a checkbox. (Only the primary author of a book can do this.)

For books which have been opted into our Conference Purchase Program, here's how buying them for a conference works:

Say you have a conference with 400 planned attendees, and you want to give away three Leanpub books.

  1. The price for each book is $1.25 per planned attendee. So, that would be $500 for each book.
  2. You would email to confirm whether the books you want to give away are in the Conference Purchase Program. (The Conference Purchase Program is opt-in for Leanpub authors, so you really do need to ask us first!)
  3. Assuming the books are all in the Conference Purchase Program, you would make a single $500 purchase for each book that you planned to give away to your attendees. (The maximum price of a single Leanpub purchase is $500. If you, say, needed to make a $750 purchase to give away enough copies for 600 planned attendees, you would make a $500 purchase and a $250 purchase, for the total price of $750.)
  4. Next, you would forward the receipt(s) to with a subject of Conference Purchase Program. You'd let us know the start and end dates of the conference.
  5. We would create a coupon code which you would give to your conference attendees which would let them get the book(s) for free. This coupon code would last for the duration of the conference plus one week. It would have a usage limit of 125% of the number of planned attendees. So, in the 400 attendee case, the maximum number of uses of the coupon would be 500. This helps ensure that every attendee gets to redeem a coupon even if some attendees redeemed a coupon twice or share it with a few people outside the conference, while also ensuring that the price is at least $1 for every redeemed coupon.

Because most Leanpub books which would be given away at conferences typically sell for between $10 and $30 per copy, this price of $1 or $1.25 per redeemed coupon is a very steep discount off of the suggested price of the book. Now, obviously not all coupons are redeemed. For example, if only 100 coupons for a specific book are redeemed from a 400 person conference, then that book sold for $5 per copy. That is still almost certainly a discount compared to the suggested price, as the minimum non-free price of a Leanpub book is $4.99! However, it's also probably a lot closer to the actual suggested price of the Leanpub book.

Because the discounts are so large, there are no refunds for purchases in the Conference Purchase Program, including for unused coupons. Instead, the assumption of a non-100% level of coupon utilization is baked into the pricing.

Finally, in case you wondered: currently the Leanpub Conference Purchase Program applies only to books, not bundles, courses or course sets.

If you have any questions about the Leanpub Conference Purchase Program, or you wish to enquire about the availability of specific books, please email and we'll be happy to help!

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