Here are the steps for switching to Dropbox and adding images:

In the Book Tools menu for your book, click on "Writing" and then "Writing Mode," and then select the second option and the click the blue “Update Book” button.

Accept the Dropbox shared folder invitation.

In your book’s folder in Dropbox, you will find a folder called manuscript. Go to that folder and create a new folder inside it called resources.

Then, add all your image files to the resources folder.

Next, find the appropriate place for your first image in the .txt files you will see in your book’s manuscript folder. Where you want the first image to appear, type this on a line by itself:


Make sure to replace filename.png with your image file’s actual name and extension.

If you want a caption for an image, type it in between the square brackets, like this:


Then, create a new preview of your book to see if it worked.

If it worked, then you should repeat this process for all your other images.

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