As part of the 2019 New Year's Eve Leanpub Author Update email (see it here) we're briefly selling a Lifetime Standard Plan for $199 and a Lifetime Pro Plan for $299.

There are two ways to buy this:

  1. Self Serve: You may be able to do this on the Shelf Spot purchase page. However, this won't work for everyone (see below for why).

  2. Manually: You send us money via PayPal, and we credit your account manually.

Here's how these two options work:

Self Serve

This is a cheesy hack. This is a limited time offer, so instead of building a bunch of stuff to support it, we just adapted our shelf spot purchase form to handle this. (What we're doing behind the scenes is selling you a 0-day shelf spot, and bundling in a free Lifetime Standard Plan or Lifetime Pro Plan. We said this was a hack!) Anyway, since we're doing things this way for now, the form will not work if you're not signed in, and it may not work if you have no published, shelf-eligible books. So, if that applies to you, don't worry: we still want your business!


Here's how this works:

  1. Send $199 USD or $299 USD via PayPal to (not  (Ruboss is the company that created, owns and operates Leanpub.)

  2. Forward the PayPal receipt to with a subject of Lifetime Standard Plan or Lifetime Pro Plan. In the email, let us know your Leanpub email or username.

  3. We'll change your account to a Lifetime Standard Plan or Lifetime Pro Plan, which is good for all the Standard or Pro features for 100 books or courses.

If neither of these Lifetime Plans appeal to you, we recommend you choose one of our monthly plans.

Finally, if you've been here a while, you may recall that we used to sell the Pro features for a single book or course for $99. We do not do this any more, for two reasons. First, it's too much of a hassle for us. Second, we want to encourage authors to create lots of books and courses, and a monthly or lifetime plan for 100 books or courses does this a lot better than a flat fee option does...

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