Yes, you take any of the ebook files generated by Leanpub from your book manuscript, and use them to sell your book elsewhere.

We're more than happy for you to make money in as many revenue streams as possible. As a courtesy to us, we would appreciate it if you left the mention of Leanpub in the second page (to help our marketing) when you sell it elsewhere, but you can remove that if you want.

Our recommendation is to wait until your book is complete before publishing it elsewhere, if you are publishing your book as you write it, chapter by chapter.

Please note that Leanpub does pay an 80% royalty rate that is higher than most self-publishing platforms offer, and you may want to take that into account when you are promoting your book.

OK, that's it!

Interested in creating your first Leanpub book? Here are some quick tutorials for our most popular writing modes:

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