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Yes! Although we really don't recommend it, if you've already written a lot of content in Word.

If you've already written a substantial portion of your book in Word, or you've completed your book in Word, we recommend you create a new book on Leanpub and use our Bring Your Own Book writing mode. Here are some instructions:


If you really want to try importing your Word document so you can write in one of our powerful plain text book writing modes, please follow these steps

- Go here to create a new book on Leanpub:


- Select the Dropbox book writing mode, or the "In your web browser" writing mode. (This tutorial assumes you have chosen the Dropbox writing mode; some of the screenshots below will show things you won't see, if you've selected a different writing mode, but the idea is basically the same, no matter what writing mode you choose.)

- After you have created your book, go to the import page in the Leanpub menu here:

Author > Leanpub > Books > [Your Book Title] > Import > Microsoft Word

Here's what this looks like in the Leanpub menu at time this article was last edited (of course, your book will look a bit different!):

- Click the Choose File button and upload your .docx Word file
- Click Start Import
You'll now see a page that says Import in Progress, like this:

When the process completes, if you check the Dropbox folder for your book on your computer, you'll see something like this (how it really looks for will depend on your computer):

- Next, click on the Leanpub menu for your book:

- Click on Preview or Publish:

- Click on Preview New Version to go to the Preview page for your book:

- Finally, click one of the download links to see the new preview ebook files we have already automatically generated for you, with your converted Word document now in plain text.

Please note you'll need to do some curating in the manuscript folder for your book, and delete some of the default chapters automatically included in the manuscript folder when you create a new Leanpub book. You'll also want to delete unwanted file names from the Book.txt file you'll find in your book's manuscript folder.

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