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I have written a complete book in Word. What can I do to publish it on Leanpub?
I have written a complete book in Word. What can I do to publish it on Leanpub?
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[This article was last updated on March 7, 2022. If you think this article needs improvement or updating, please contact us by clicking the little icon at the bottom right of your browser!]

If you have already written a complete book in Word, the best thing to do is to format the Word file to your liking, and then convert it to a PDF file. In this article, we will show you how to do this.

If you already have a PDF file, or an EPUB or a MOBI file, please skip ahead to here.

If you want to reformat your whole book to make it compatible with Leanpub's ebook generators, please see this article. This may be worth it if you have not done a lot of formatting in your Word document already, as it will let you use Leanpub to create PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and Print-Ready PDF files.

Converting a Word File to a PDF Ebook

It only takes a minute to convert your Word file into a PDF!

Open your Word document and save it as a PDF file on your computer. To save a file as a PDF, click on File  in the Word menu and select Save As...:

(Note: What you see on your computer might not match the screenshots in this article, because what you see depends on the computer you're using, but the basic idea should be the same for everyone!)

Next, click on the File Format, and you'll see a dropdown with some options:

Select PDF :

Click the Export button:

...and save the file on your computer.

Congratulations! You've got a PDF file you can now upload to our bookstore and start selling, and earn 80% royalties on every sale. Please see the article we linked to above for instructions on how to upload the file.

Uploading Your PDF Ebook File to Leanpub and Publishing Your Book

Once you have your PDF ebook file, you can create a new book on Leanpub here and select our "Upload" writing mode:

Here are the instructions for setting up a new book in our Upload writing mode:

Here are the instructions for switching a book you've already created on Leanpub into our Upload writing mode:

Please note that after you publish your book on Leanpub using this process, you can upload a new file any time, if you have made changes to your manuscript, for example to update some links or fix some typos, or to add an entirely new chapter.

That new file is immediately available to all your existing readers, and is the one that any future readers will get, if they buy your book after you do the update.

Here are some helpful tips for success publishing your book Leanpub: We have a lot of cool features for you to explore!

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