Leanpub used to offer a $99 Flat Fee option for individual books or courses.  We do not do this now.  Instead, we are all in on the Freemium + subscription model.  You can pay nothing for a Free plan which lets you create 100 books or courses for free, you can subscribe to a Standard or Pro plan for a low monthly payment, and you can even pay for a lifetime plan.

The Standard and Pro plans offer great value for their low monthly price., and they let you create up to 100 books or courses.  We want authors creating lots of books and courses!

Also, with the introduction of Freemium, we now have the same 100 books or courses in our Free plan.  So, no one ever loses access to their books or courses. This concern was the main reason that we had created the Flat Fee option, and it's now a non-issue.

You can upgrade (or downgrade) your subscription here:


Now, for people who don't like paying monthly for things, we have lifetime plans offered at https://leanpub.com/shelf/buy ... You can buy a Lifetime Standard Plan there for $249 or a Lifetime Pro Plan there for $349. (Yes, you don't need to buy a shelf spot with lifetime plans anymore.)  You can also buy bundles of 3 or 6 month shelf spots with Lifetime Pro Plans.

The reason we sell all the lifetime plans on that page, even ones which don't actually include a Shelf Spot, is so that people don't buy a lifetime plan and then wish they'd bought a bundle which included a shelf spot.

For us, we'd obviously make more money in the short term if someone paid $99 per book for 5 or 10 (or 100!) books or courses, compared to earning $8.99/month or $12.99/month or $249 or $349 once.  However, we love the 100 book or course plans since they encourage experimentation.  We want our authors creating more books or courses, and not having to decide whether a given idea is worth the $99 for the Pro features...

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