Currently we have an easy, one-click way of upgrading a subscription from Free to Standard or Pro (you just go to and make a new book or course, and upgrade or downgrade your subscription while doing so).

However, we don't have an easy way of upgrading an individual book from being part of a Free or Standard subscription to being a $99 flat fee book.

We'll build this soon.

In the meantime, what you can do is this:

  1. Buy a new $99 flat fee book writing purchase.
  2. Email us the URL.
  3. We'll adjust your existing book to be paid for by the new book writing purchase, and adjust the new book to be part of the Free plan.

Finally, just so there's no confusion, please note that the $99 flat fee is per book or course which is created.  It's not a $99 flat fee for a subscription.  Your account will still be on whatever plan it was before (presumably Free or Standard, since there's no reason to upgrade a book if you're on a Pro plan unless you've created 100 books and/or courses), but that one book will have the flat fee option.

The flat fee option gets the Pro features for the lifetime of an individual book, with a one time payment.

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