A Leanpub author asked:

"I’ve been considering changing the title of my book, to make it appeal to a wider audience, which would mean changing the slug for the web page also.

But I don’t want to leave behind the readers who have already bought the book.

How would I go about changing the book title and URL, but still having the old URL redirect to the new one, and still have readers able to get newer versions, even if they bought using the old title."

You can change your book’s slug by going to “Book Web Page” in the Book Tools menu for the book, and then selecting “Web Page URL.”

The old URL will redirect to the new URL.

You can change the book title by going to “Book Info” > “Book Details” in the Book Tools menu.

Neither of these changes will leave behind readers of your book. Existing readers will still get updates etc. as usual.

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